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Using a KIS card on iOS

My Kis card isn't prompting any pop up when trying to use the NFC feature?

In this case check the phone you are tapping the card on has NFC and has the latest version of iOS. Make sure the phone is at least an XR/XS or higher. Older iPhones wont support NFC reading.

The default camera app won't scan the QR code?

Make sure the iPhone has iOS 11 or higher installed, this wont work with older versions, and the phone will need a third party reader.

How do I save the contact into the phone?

Once you tap the URL popup and the contact card appears, you must tap the share icon (located in top right corner) and then click the contacts button. Then click save in the top right corner and the contact will be imported into your phone.

I can't see a contacts button once I click share?

Make sure you have the contacts app installed on your iPhone, otherwise this option wont appear.

The contact isn't saving into the phone

In this case you must change the default contact location setting. On the phone you are trying to import the card too, go to Settings - Contacts - Default location and change this to iPhone. Import again and it should work.

I still need help!

Dont panic, we are here to help. Please email us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

* Some older NFC enabled phones such as iPhone 7, 8 and X may require a NFC reader to read the NFC tag. Some older QR enabled smartphones may required a third party app to read the QR code.

** The speed of NFC and QR data transfer will depend on the smartphones individual performance, but usually works between 1 -  3 seconds. 

*** The user must have all rights to use any images they upload

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