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Kis Business Card Technology

How do the Kis Business Cards work?

The cards use NFC (Near Field Communication) & QR Code Technology. For NFC, simply bringing the card near a NFC enabled smart phone will allow the card to transfer the data. If you don't have NFC, simply scan the QR code with the camera app on your smartphone.

How fast do the Kis Business Cards work?

Our cards speed are different depending on the smart phone. We can confidently say that most smart phones will recieve the data between 1 - 3 seconds and sometimes even quicker!

How close does the card need to be to a smartphone for the NFC data to transfer?

You can either lay the Kis Business Card directly on top of the smartphone or place between 0 - 5cm away from the smartphone.

What phones are NFC Enabled?

90% of most modern smartphones are NFC Enabled. We are confident that your business card will work with almost all of your clients smartphones however if you are interested in seeing a list of all NFC enabled smartphones please click here Please note that some phones (for example, iPhone 7, 8 and X) do require a NFC reader app. Most modern phones will read NFC tags wherever you are on your phone!

Does NFC technology work on phones that have cases?

Yes. Most cases will allow NFC to continue to work, however we can not guaratee all cases will allow NFC to work. Some thicker cases may cause interference.

How close does the camera need to be to scan the QR code?

For quick and best results, make sure the code fills up the majority of the frame.

What phones are QR enabled?

All of them! However, most modern day smartphones will have QR built right into their camera. Some phones will unfortuantly need a QR app to scan the code.

What happens if my contact details or logo changes?

Each card is locked upon shipment which means the information cannot be erased, changed or modified in anyway. Not even we can change the information. This is a security step, to stop lost cards from being abused and manipulated. However, we do offer a re printing/encoding service. For only $12 per card, we can reprint and reencode a brand new card. You can change the design completely if you like, as long as it relates to your original purchase, we will print it! To purchase a new KIS card, contact us via email at:

Kis Business Card Product Details

How big are the Kis Business Cards?

Our cards follow the universal CR-80 card size. This size is 86mm (8.6cm) by 54mm (5.4cm) and are only 0.7mm deep. You could compare our cards to your average credit card.

What are the Kis Business Cards made out of?

In the efforts to save our planet, our NFC Cards are made out of PVC (Plastic.)

Are the Kis Business Cards waterproof?

The cards are waterproof against rain, and small amounts of water but try to avoid getting your card as we can't 100% guaratee your cards will remain the same. We do NOT reccomend submerging your card in any water. To keep the print from wearing away, keep the card as dry as possible.

How does the Kis quantity discount work?

If you buy 5 or more cards of the same design and data, you will recieve a $3 discount off each card. If you buy 10 or more cards of the same design and data, you will recieve a $5 discount off each card.

Custom Design

How do I design my business card?

Simply click on "Design Studio" and you will be redirected to our design website where you can than create, develop and design your business card.

Can I edit the back of the business card?

Unfortunately not. The back of the card will remain white and include the unique QR code.

Can I upload my own images?

Absolutely. Once in the design studio, simply click the "Images" button on the left. Please only use images you have full rights in using.

Can I use the Kis Design Studio on my mobile phone or tablet?

Yes. Our design studio, along with all our websites are 100% repsonsive, therefor can be used on any device. For more detailed designs, we reccomend using a laptop or PC.

Do you charge more for the amount of colours, images etc I use?

No. The price you see, is the price you pay (excluding shipping). Add as many colours, logos, images as you like.


Where do you ship to?

As we are a New Zealand business, we ship to anywhere in New Zealand. We use NZ Couriers to ship all of our parcels. For international shipping, please contact us.

How much do you charge for shipping?

We currently have two flat rate costs. NZ Couriers (Urban): $8.00 NZ Couriers (Rural): $12.00 We don't charge more or less based on quantity of cards. However for orders of 30 cards or more, please contact us.

How long will my package take to arrive?

We estimate the following: 1 - 2 business days for Auckland region. 2 - 5 business days for NZ Wide. If you live in a rural area, please allow 1 - 2 extra business days.

My Data

How long does the encoded data stay on the Kis Business Cards for?

Data will remain on the NFC tag for as long as the NFC tag is still in working order (Not damaged). The QR code is exactly the same.

What data can I encode into the card?

Once you reach the 'Kis Design Studio' you will see a tab on the left for data input. You can currently enter the following data: - First Name - Last Name - Company Name - Mobile Number - Landline Number - Work Number - Email Address - Physical Address - Website URL - Secondary URL Not all of the above fields need to be completed. You can choose to only have Company Name and Mobile Number if you wish. This data will be encoded into both the NFC tag and the QR code.

Once I enter my data, can I change it?

No unfortunately for security reasons, we lock both the QR code and the NFC code making it impossible to change the data. Be extra careful you're inputting the correct information.

Is my data secure?

Yes. Your data is stored on a secure server that is encrypted. Our tags and QR codes can not be changed or modified in anyway.

Will you use my data for anything other than embedding?

No. We will only use your data for input into the cards. Your data will NOT be sent to third party companies or used for marketing purposes.

* Some older NFC enabled phones such as iPhone 7, 8 and X may require a NFC reader to read the NFC tag. Some older QR enabled smartphones may required a third party app to read the QR code.

** The speed of NFC and QR data transfer will depend on the smartphones individual performance, but usually works between 1 -  3 seconds. 

*** The user must have all rights to use any images they upload

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